• Third Naval ship to be sunk off Portimão Algarve  Hermenegildo_Capelo_01_bd8a6bf9c7c0e58f2fcff9ff1b08e9e8.jpg
  • Third Naval ship to be sunk off Portimão Algarve  Mergulho_Barlavento.jpg

Third Naval ship to be sunk off Portimão Algarve

The Ocean Project Revival is born with the objective to promote the underwater tourism in the region by creating an exceptional diving destination. For the first time, four vessels connected by a common history will be deliberately sunk in the same place. 
The four warships, representative of a Navy Fleet, form the largest single artificial reef structure in the world with the ideal conditions for the proliferation of marine life.

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A third naval ship will be sunk off the coast of Portimao to join the Zambezi and the Oliveira e Carmo to create an artificial reef for divers. 

According to a report in Sul Informaçao, the Ocean Revival project will see the frigate Hermenegildo Capelo sunk on the 15th of June. The first two ships in the project that have lain on the seabed since October 2012 have attracted over 2,500 dives.
Preparations to the Hermenegildo Capelo have been undertaken in a shipyard in the Tagus estuary, but her final day is soon to arrive. On May 28th, the ship will leave the shipyard and will be towed past Lisbon, Portimão bound.
The final resting place will be about 2 miles off Alvor beach and it is expected that smaller boats will take sightseers to witness her final moments.

The sinking will again be carried out by Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting under the watchful eyes of Portuguese naval officers.

The Hermenegildo Capelo is 60 years old and patrolled the African coast and the Far East, crossing the equator about sixty times. She was the first ship in the Portuguese Navy to accommodate female personnel.