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Look at Portugal as a good Destiny

According to the new legislation (already approved to enter into force in October) which favors the permanence among us of those who want to bet on and invest in Portugal. According to the new law any citizen not resident in the European Union, may acquire a residence permit to acquire real estate in Portugal in the minimum amount of 500 thousand euros or create in our country at least 30 jobs for a minimum period of five years. This applies to foreigners who cumulatively have the usual conditions for obtaining residence visas in third countries, conditions which relate to the profile of citizenship of potentially interested parties.

The legislation now approved -  is having an impact in several external sources interested in finding safe destinations for investments - This new legislation is not opening to immigration but a clever formula to attract capital that want to invest in meaningful and not speculative, in the potentialities that we have. Capital which thus can become quite important to our near future.

Luís Carvalho Lima
Presidente da APEMIP
(Published on the 1st September 2012 no Jornal de Notícias)