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5 Reasons to buy in portugual now

5 Reasons to buy in portugual now  

Struggling to close those deals because your clients aren't sure if its the right time? Work with GCEN to give your client the facts about why now is a good time to invest in a new Portuguese home in the sun.
  1. The pound to euro exchange rate is at the highest level for 7 years. UK buyers spending power has increased by 25% since 2012
  • The latest survey from RICSW/CI suggest property prices will rise by 2% in the next year.  Buy now before prices start to rise
  1. Mortgage lending is increasing as banks become more open to providing mortgages to those looking to a second home in the sun
  1. 7 years ago, when exchange rates were last this high, property prices were between 30-50% higher than they are now. Savings like this could mean your ideal property is now within your budget
  1. Great tax incentives – the Portuguese want your investment – with options available such as the Non-habitual residents scheme and The Golden Visa scheme

.... and of course not forgetting the glorious sunshine, amazing food and stunning beaches!

If clients want to take advantage of the exchange rate now, giving them piece of mind of how much they have to spend, check out our blog.

Want to know a bit more contact  Alison (918 324 392) or Emma (910 002 741).  call them today to discuss.

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